Graphics card specifications vary by add-in-card manufacturer. Please refer to the following guidelines when picking your GPU.

Max supported GPU dimension, 318mm x 149mm. Note that if you are installing a waterblock, they often have protruding fitting mounts that adds to the height/length. 


Up to 3-slot GPU is supported. Please note that the rear IO Panel only has 2 slot openings. This is not a problem for 3-slot cards like the GeForce RTX™ 3090 Founders Edition as the 3rd slot has no ports.



Max height 130mm when side radiator not used.


There are 2 positions for mounting radiators, side and top

Top Mount -  Max 36mm thickness when single-slot waterblock is used for GPU. Top mount allows for 240 or 280 radiator, slim active or normal passive cooling.

Side Mount - Max 75mm thickness when waterblock is used for CPU. Side mount allows for 240 or 280 radiator.